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Empowering you to take control of your work & life


I’m Melanie Coeshott, an award-winning, certified Executive Coach, Career Coach and NLP Practitioner. I enable career professionals to move from surviving to thriving in their work and their life. This might mean breaking down barriers in an existing line of work or embarking on a completely different professional venture.

It was during my successful 22-year career in global financial services companies that I discovered my passion for coaching others to pursue their true potential. I found that aspect of my career so rewarding that I walked away from corporate life to found Blue Diamond. Now I make it my mission to help professionals like me find fulfilment by doing what they love and loving what they do.

I’m excited about the professional journey I’m on and about helping others renew their passion and energy for work and life!

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I’m also the founder of Age Life Balance – Age Life Balance teaches mid-lifers how to enjoy a rich, satisfying and balanced life today, with an eye on tomorrow.

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Does the prospect of having to work until your late-sixties (or beyond) fill you with fear and dread?

Roll back the clock several years – from one day to the next, I found myself in that very situation!

Blimey, was this really it for the next 20 years? Could there be something else that I was missing?

I feel very blessed that I found a skilled coach to help me through those murky days. Someone that helped me gain clarity and even get my sparkle back.

As the founder of Blue Diamond, I now empower other professionals to take control of their careers and futures!

I can help you to rediscover passion in your work and enjoy life more by helping you identify your goals and the actions required to help you succeed.