A time for reflection during the break

Being Kind to Yourself

What is this topic about?

Through the themes below, we explore the idea of ‘Being Kind to Yourself’.

This will give you the techniques to recognise positive and negative attitudes and ensure you are being kind to yourself!

Module 1 – Time for Reflection

This week concentrates on giving yourself ‘Time for Reflection’ and giving you the tools to reflect effectively – November 2021
 Time for Reflection – Intro
Reflecting Back – workshop

Reflecting Around

Reflecting Forward – workshop

Module 2 – Self-care and Self-Compassion

This week looks at ‘Self-care and Self-compassion’, giving you the opportunity to look at yourself with kindness – August 2021
Self-care and Self-Compassion – Intro
Self-care – workshop
Self-Compassion – Intro
Self-Compassion – workshop

Module 3 – Give Yourself a Break

This week looks at how effect taking breaks is on productivity and self-worth – July 2021

Give Yourself a Break – Intro

Give Yourself a Break – workshop

Give Yourself a Break – Intro

Give Yourself a Break – workshop

Module 4 – Power of the Pause

This week focuses on the Power of the Pause and how we can utilise breaks to our greatest advantage – August 2022
Power of the Pause – Intro
Power of the Pause – workshop 1 
Power of the Pause – FB2
Power of the Pause – workshop 2

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