Positive Thinking

What is this topic about?

Through the themes below, we explore the idea of ‘Positive Thinking’.

This will give you perspective in term of how effective positive thinking can be and helps evaluate your current viewpoint!

Module 1 – Positive Ripples

This week looks at ‘Positive Ripples’ and how positive actions and a positive outlook can effect your life – December 2021
Positive Ripples – Intro
Positive Ripples – workshop

Positive Ripples

End of year social 

Module 2 – Glimmer of Hope

This week concentrates on a ‘Glimmer of Hope’ and how this can effectively change your day – March 2021 

 Glimmer of Hope – intro

Glimmer of Hope – workshop 1

7 Downsides of Hope

Glimmer of Hope – workshop 2

Module 3 – Mindset

This week looks ate how mindset can impact outcomes – September 2021
Mindset – Intro
Positive Mindset – workshop
Abundance & Scarcity Mindset
Growth Mindset – workshop

Module 4 – Presence

In this module looks at your presence and how this can impact your life – April 2022
Presence – Intro
Presence – workshop WS1

Presence – FB live 2

Presence – workshop WS2

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