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Setting Yourself for Success

What is this topic about?

Through the themes below, we explore the idea of ‘Setting Yourself for Success’.

This will give you the practical tools to be able to apply to your everyday and ensure you are putting your Best Foot Forward!

Module 1 – 4Cs for Success

This week concentrates on the ‘4Cs for Success’; Credibility, Clarity, Courage and Consistency – April 2021

4Cs of Success – intro

4Cs of Success – workshop 1

How I use the 4Cs of Success

4Cs of Success – workshop 2

Module 2 – Motivation

This week looks at ‘Motivation’ and how we can use this to our best advantage throughout our professional and personal life – September 2020

Module 3 – Confidence

This week looks out how Confidence can contribute to our success – October 2020

Module 4 – Boundaries

This week looks at Boundaries and how putting them in place can help with your eventual success – July 2022
Boundaries – Intro
Boundaries – workshop 1 
Boundaries – FB2
Boundaries – workshop 2

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