Case Studies

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Peter is a finance manager in Financial Services.

Coming from an audit background, his initial corporate experience was in Financial Accounting where he added significant value to the team and secured a great reputation.

He’s subsequently worked in several other roles, building up knowledge, experience, and credibility across different functions. Yet this isn’t hasn’t resulted in a promotion, making him feel undervalued and frustrated.

Through the Authentic You session, we identified how he wants to be perceived and how this contrasts to his current reputation. Through our monthly coaching sessions he’s identifying ways to showcase his refined brand in order to get the recognition and reward he deserves. His promotion is now imminent!



Lisa is an experienced finance and operations leader. After her last big project, she decided to take some time out to enjoy her young family. She was planning to embark on her next assignment when the pandemic hit.

While she remains highly competent, being out of the workplace for a period has understandably knocked her confidence.

Through the Career Compass session, she’s refined focus on what she really wants from her next role. From the Authentic You session, she’s gained clarity on who she is and how best to present this for optimal impact.

These sessions combined have given her the support and encouragement required to position herself with confidence and credibility.

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Claire is a senior director in an accounting firm.

Through competence and diligence, she has built up a considerable client base for the practice. Yet her efforts were not always rewarded, or even fully recognised by the partners.

Her work was having a negative impact on her health and well-being and was not sustainable.

Through the Career Compass, I opened her eyes to what really matters to her as well as showing what’s possible by making some changes she hadn’t previously been aware of.

Now she has clarity on where she’s aiming, we’re working together to implement the infrastructure she’s identified to allow her career success and fulfilment in a much more enjoyable and sustainable way.

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Joanne is an emerging finance leader working in Financial Services.

She had enjoyed some great recognition and was being fast tracked into a leadership position. However, there were some people-related elements that were proving frustrating and holding her back from realising her true potential.

The Career Compass session allowed us to identify what’s really important to Joanne and to understand why the current situation was frustrating. Her hard work and great relationships catapulted her into a new leadership position.

Our monthly coaching sessions focus partly on charting her ongoing career direction as well as providing time and space for her to iron out challenges as they arise in her current position.

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Sarah was a senior compliance manager in a large bank. Her background in finance and project management equipped her well for the role, but it really didn’t flick her switch. Furthermore, she found herself frequently getting tired and on the verge of burn-out due to the demands of the job.

Sarah had already decided she needed a change when she came to me. Through my Do Something Different programme, she was able to identify what was truly important to her. Furthermore, I helped her to identify her transferrable skills and strengths that will prove invaluable to her in the future.

She’s now in the process of re-training to incorporate her prior experience into something that feels much more fulfilling and enriching for her. She’s also enjoying greater balance that this enables to her life.

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Andrew is a successful Tax Director working for one of the Big Four.

Last year he was approached by a competitor and ultimately offered partnership. Whilst this was flattering, exciting (and very tempting), he wasn’t sure how best to proceed.

Through the Career Compass session, we explored what’s really important to him and how this could look with either of his options. Some honest talks with his employer opened further doors including a pay rise and enrolment on the partner development programme.

Our monthly coaching sessions support his ongoing career progression as well as giving him time and space to discuss any relevant situations and how best to tackle these.

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Marion has worked for a global corporation for over 15 years. She’s built up a deep business knowledge and has an amazing reputation and internal network, through different roles that she’s performed. However, she’s experienced near burn-out on several occasions due to her desire to perform at her best, combined with working across different timezones.

Through our coaching, I’ve helped her to clarify what she wants to achieve in the remaining 10 years or so of her working life. I helped her to change her mindset about her current position and she that she is choosing to be there, for now anyway.

Most importantly I’m helping her to plan the chapter beyond corporate life. She’s building up a plan together with the necessary experience she needs to realise her goals. 

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Paul was a corporate accountant. He’d worked for several large corporations career to date and had enjoyed some good opportunities. However, a long commute and time away from his family was getting to him. He also couldn’t see where his career was going.

Through our coaching, I helped him to understand where he wanted his career to go and the steps required to bridge the gap from where he was.

After significant planning, Paul took a calculated risk by resigning from his comfortable role without anything concrete lined up. Within several months, he started work as a finance contractor, giving him the experience needed to support his long-term career goals, more quality time with his family and more money too!

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Carolyn worked in a large corporation as a product manager. She was pretty good at it, was well compensated and was grateful to be able to work a 4-day week. However, overall it just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t aligned with her personal interests and aspirations.

Through our coaching, Carolyn identified what she really wanted to do – to follow her heart! She decided to pursue her interest in healthy eating by training as a nutritional therapist. A year later she’s qualified and is running her own business.

Carolyn’s new work satisfies her from a passion and fulfilment perspective, as well as bringing much more flexibility to support to her young family.