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Case Studies

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Case study 1

Marion has worked for a global corporation for over 15 years. She’s built up a deep business knowledge and has an amazing reputation and internal network, through different roles that she’s performed. However, she’s experienced near burn-out on several occasions due to her desire to perform at her best, combined with working across different timezones.

Through our coaching, I’ve helped her to clarify what she wants to achieve in the remaining 10 years or so of her working life. I helped her to change her mindset about her current position and she that she is choosing to be there, for now anyway.

Most importantly I’m helping her to plan the chapter beyond corporate life. She’s building up a plan together with the necessary experience she needs to realise her goals. And the world will be ready for her!


Case study 3

Paul was a corporate accountant. He’d worked for several large corporations career to date and had enjoyed some good opportunities. However, a long commute and time away from his family was getting to him. He also couldn’t see where his career was going.

Through our coaching, I helped him to understand where he wanted his career to go and the steps required to bridge the gap from where he was.

After significant planning, Paul took a calculated risk by resigning from his comfortable role without anything concrete lined up. Within several months, he started work as a finance contractor, giving him the experience needed to support his long-term career goals, more quality time with his family and more money too!


Case study 3

Carolyn worked in a large corporation as a product manager. She was pretty good at it, was well compensated and was grateful to be able to work a 4-day week. However, overall it just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t aligned with her personal interests and aspirations.

Through our coaching, Carolyn identified what she really wanted to do – to follow her heart! She decided to pursue her interest in healthy eating by training as a nutritional therapist. A year later she’s qualified and is running her own business.

Carolyn’s new work satisfies her from a passion and fulfilment perspective, as well as bringing much more flexibility to support to her young family.