Enhance Team Effectiveness

Learn how Motivational Maps can take your team to another dimension

Motivational Maps are unique in their simplicity, application and usefulness. By measuring emotional energy they help overcome personal and career development issues, support managers and teams to achieve greater productivity, and strategically can turbo-charge organisational progress…

Motivational Maps could help your business to:

1)  Improve team performance

2)  Reduce stress and sickness and enhance well-being

3)  Improve staff retention

4)  Recruit the best candidate for every position

5)  Leverage team performance and address motivational issues with team members

6)  Impact sales, engagement and culture

7)  Provide a common language through which everyone can understand what they want and align with team and organisational objectives

8)  Give management an overview of what is really going on with their employees

9)  Provide a cost-effective change management tool that actually maps the changes of the whole staff

LeeP Accountants is an owner-managed business with four employees. The team is still relatively new, having been formed in 2018 with employees joining at different stages as the business has grown. A fifth member is currently out on maternity leave.

Staffing changes can have a big impact the dynamics of the team, especially a small one.

I used Motivational Maps with the Leep Accountants team, starting with the Polly, the owner, before extending to the other team members.

Motivational Maps helps us to understand what motivates each person and their satisfaction against each of their drivers.

I then pulled the individuals’ data into a Team Report.

Team Reports clearly demonstrates the team dynamics as well as any areas in need of attention.

A few interesting points were highlighted which we were able to discuss within the team forum. Some different options were discussed and solutions have been agreed.

I look forward to working with this team again in the future, as their team expands and grows.

Inspire Change is a training organisation working exclusively with the healthcare community.

Their wider organisation is made up of a number of associate trainers, while a small central team keeps everything running smoothly in the background. This is led by Jenny Walker (MD) and Martin Clark (Founder and CEO).

I started by mapping out Jenny and Martin using the Motivational Maps tool. They were impressed by the insight it offered them and decided to invite us in to map out the rest of the central team.

I spent a day with the team, going through their individual reports with them on a 1:1 basis, before bringing the team together to review the team report. This prompted an interesting team discussion with some insightful aspects revealed as a result.  Some follow up actions were agreed that will hopefully make a big different to the satisfaction of the individuals as well as the overall team satisfaction and effectiveness.

I look forward to revisiting the team later in the year to understand how the identified changes have played out.


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