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Authentic You

Identifying and shaping
your personal brand

Are you uncertain what personal brand means and how it relates to you?

Are you unsure  or unhappy about how you’re currently being perceived in your work?

Are you looking to reposition yourself for a promotion or a new role?Authentic You is a 90 minute session to review how you are currently perceived and to identify exactly what you want to be known for instead. 

This personal brand review allows you to design and shape the best version of Authentic You.

You will leave this session with a much clearer idea of your personal brand, including some practical applications of how to showcase it for optimal effect.

There are 2 ways to book:

– You can pay via this page and then we can find a time that suits us both

– You can check my availability here and we can sort payment afterwards  

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Authentic You Testimonial

“The impression we leave on others can be long-lasting, and it can also be game-changing. For us and for those around us. “Authentic You” provides a practical, insightful framework for reflecting on how we show up, the skills and attributes we value and what we are known for within our network. The “Authentic You” framework comprises self-reflection, feedback from others, and an action-oriented approach. This has resulted in a heightened awareness of what makes me unique, along with some tangible development actions to amplify my personal brand in interactions with others. Highly recommended!”