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Could you benefit from greater influence
for a bigger impact in your work?

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Could you benefit from greater Influence for a bigger Impact in your work?

You know your stuff. So why don’t others always accept it easily from you?

It’s not always easy to know how to influence others, especially when they’re in positions of authority or seemingly have more experience or bargaining power than you do.

But listen up! There are some useful ways that you can learn to build your Influence and have greater impact in your work. I’m talking about the 3 secret weapons of influence: Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Preparation

After the Influencing for Impact workshop, you will:
Have attended two of Melanie's workshops now Assertiveness and Influencing for Impact, the only reason I haven't done more is time issues at home in the evenings and at work during the day. Planning to do more now I'm on Furlough. Recommend these to everybody...very very helpful and will be of use to anyone.
Karen G.
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I attended Melanie's Influencing for Impact Workshop and it was great. The informative style of the workshop was spot on, having much discussion and learning from the other attendees was so valuable and it really has given me a lot of food for thought. Melanie providing detail on the theory was really interesting and I have lots to digest to now build on my plan of how I influence with more impact. Thank you Melanie I think it could be easy during lock down to put self development to one side however I think now its more important than ever, especially to connect with like minded people. A valuable workshop and I cant wait to attend the rest in the series.
Jennie B.
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