Mentoring and Mastermind

Let me help you to grow
your coaching business

As coaches, we want to learn and grow ourselves, but that doesn’t always mean we have the skills and experience to grow our coaching businesses.

What’s more, we can’t always see the potential that overs see in us.

I know you understand the power of coaching already. My mentoring sessions combine coaching with some mentoring techniques, to ensure that you and your business are growing in line with your goals and efforts. 

Available options:


Not quite sure how to get started, what your niche should be or how to grow your business?

Includes 3-hour strategy and 3 x Accountability sessions

Power Hour

Leverage as much knowledge as you can in a single power hour

Discounted price available for SCC members


Get even more value by grabbing a bundle of 3 sessions.

These can be used for mentoring or accountability, depending on your current needs


As a cohort of 3-4 Coaches you will gain the know-how and skills through a course designed to further you as a coach.

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