Has your career stalled?
Have you lost your professional purpose?
Are you ready for more?
Or even for a career change?

I help unfulfilled 40+ professionals to feel energised, empowered & focused, so they can confidently manage their career, gaining the fulfilment & rewards they merit & desire

Many of us invest so much in our careers in the first decade or two.

We’re fully committed to our roles.

We combine study alongside work.

We make personal and professional sacrifices to get ahead.

And it all seems 100% worth it, until it just doesn’t, anymore…


Is this your story? It was mine, too, until I made the decision to get out of that rut. I help disenchanted career professionals like me regain their focus and passion – or identify their next challenge – so they can thrive personally and professionally

Career Coaching

I can help you to feel energised, empowered & focused

Career Compass

I can help you identify the direction you’re looking for

Do Something Different

I can help you identify & plan a career change


Are you eager to take control of your future? Book a free half-hour discussion with me to review your strategy


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