4 simple steps for balance during lockdown


Never has the balance between work and life been so blurred…

Following on from my recent article key skills to keep you safe & sane, I had what I can only describe as a brainchild. I wanted to do something that could inspire and help others. I wanted my message to be simple and clear. I also wanted to ensure I was actually following my own advice.

The Finding NEMO initiative was born!

Finding NEMO is about doing 4 simple things each day to maintain balance during the lockdown period. At the end of each day, I’ve identified something I’ve done in each of the 4 categories and posted this on my social media channels as an example of how this can be achieved. The aim is to provide inspiration to others, not to be smug about achieving it me.

However, the positive impact that this has had on me personally, has been incredible. It helps me to achieve balance at this crazy time. Acting as a kind of diary, it also gives me a sense of time that I feel may otherwise be lost without this.

So, what is NEMO, and most importantly, how can you find NEMO too?

N is for Normality

N is for Normality


This is about doing something normal each day, despite all the craziness going on around us.

Examples include planning our shopping list, cooking and washing, and going for a family walk. It also includes work items such as conducting online coaching sessions and workshop planning, things I did before.

E is for Extraordinary

Not surprisingly, this is all about doing something extraordinary. This could be something extraordinary as a result of the coronavirus or the lockdown period that we’re in. It could also be doing something that I wouldn’t normally have done (or made time for) in the normal course of life.

Personal examples include watching a film and playing games with my kids during the daytime. Work examples include online networking and taking my workshop series online.

M is for Me

This is about doing something for me (or, you in your case)!

We’re all familiar with the safety message, back from the days when travel was the norm – “Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others”. Well, it’s never been truer. It’s paramount to ensure our own needs are being addressed at this time. Whether this is going for a walk, reading a book, or attending to some personal care needs.

I can’t tell you what you need, but I can share some of the things that I’ve done for myself: sitting in the sun reading my book, taking a bath, and enjoying an early night.

These things have all helped me to stay safe and sane at this crazy time!

O is for others

The clue in the title, this about doing something for others. There are so many opportunities right now to help other people.

Whatever you’re going through, you can bet that many others are experiencing things that are much, much worse. Sickness, poverty, abusive relationships, loneliness, medication shortages or mix-ups, etc. Whether they’re officially classed as vulnerable or not, there are a lot of people needing support right now. How can you identify and begin to provide some invaluable support?

Don’t forget that charity also begins at home. Ensure that your nearest and dearest are taken care of. Spend some quality time with your kids and loved ones. Include them in activities such as cooking and cleaning. Prepare them a tasty treat. Give them a surprise. Get them up to do something. Create a list of things to do in the future to get them looking forward to something.

Also, check in with family and friends that you can’t be direct with.



I won’t deny, the lockdown isn’t an easy time. While I’m doing my best to make the most of the situation, it isn’t rosy all day every day. However, by following 4 simple steps and finding NEMO each day, this certainly is helping me to remain safe, sane, and in balance.

How will you find NEMO today?


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