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I’m Melanie Coeshott, an award-winning Career Coach and Mentor with over two decades of experience in the Finance sector.

During my 22-year career in Finance I discovered my passion for coaching and helping others to reach their full potential. This rewarding aspect of my role tailored to many of my motivations and gave me a sense of purpose which allowed me to walk away from corporate life to found Blue Diamond.

Now my mission is to help other finance professionals succeed and fulfil their hopes and desires so they can love what they do!

This extensive experience has given me insight into the concerns and potential problems of many accountants and finance professionals. I strive to enable individuals to move from surviving to thriving and flourishing in all aspects of their life. This might mean breaking down barriers or embarking on a completely different professional venture as I pride myself on offering a bespoke service for all that I coach; an individual approach for each individual.

I’m excited about my professional journey and renewed purpose of helping others find their passion and empowerment in work and life!


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I have a range of 1:1 and group packages that suit different needs and budgets. Some are one-off, others are short duration. I have some longer-term options too.

There is no “one-size fits all” approach, so I recommend booking a free Career Discussion with me, where I can better understand your needs and offer some different options.