Essential Skills Workshops

Build solid foundations for career success

Many of us have great skills & experiences that we bring to our work.

Yet sometimes there are things that get in the way and hold us back from realising our true potential.

The Essential Skills Workshops address some of these common challenges to help you build solid foundations for career success.

Dip into the topics of most interest or join the whole series:

Essential Skills

Workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face (location dependent).

Workshop duration for each topic ranges from 60-120 mins, depending on number of participants and desired level of interaction.

These courses can be run as part of your organisation’s employee engagement or well-being programmes.

All 9 Essential Skills topics are also available in an online course format for easy and convenient self-service.

Contact me for more information.

What our clients say...

I recently joined Melanie in her Positivity workshop along with various other clients. Melanie is excellent at facilitating her workshops and ensuring those attending, get the most from the experience. She makes every topic engaging, thoughtful and actionable.
Clare Eager
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I attended Blue Diamond’s Confidence Workshop today and have come away feeling inspired and that I have the knowledge and ‘tools’ to take on my low confidence issues. The surroundings in which the workshop was set were welcoming and relaxed and the small number of attendees also made the training more comfortable. I found Melanie very calm and approachable with an abundance of knowledge and coaching skills. It was also great to meet some lovely people who were in a similar situation to me. I would highly recommend one of Melanie’s workshops and am looking forward to arranging a 1:1 session with her too.
Donna Parnell
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I attended the Imposter Syndrome workshop and loved it! I loved the safe environment, with allowed us to share and have such a great interactive time. This workshop allowed me to find other coping strategies. I’d highly recommend it.
Severine Menem
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I attended Melanie’s Assertiveness Workshop. Full of practical tips and advice, I found the session insightful and the group Melanie brought together for the shared learning was fantastic. I am looking forward to taking part in further workshops. Thank you Melanie.
Louise Marshall
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I attended one of Melanie’s workshops for the first time earlier this month – I found it so helpful and took away plenty of valuable tips. I enjoyed the interactive format of the zoom session and the subject matter of ‘overwhelm’ was particularly pertinent to the many business owners present as we are all adjusting to the new reality of lock down and the challenges this poses for our home life and businesses. Melanie Coeshott has a series of workshops coming up over the next 6 weeks and I’m looking forward to attending as many as possible!
Michelle Burrows
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Have attended two of Melanie’s workshops now Assertiveness and Influencing for Impact, the only reason I haven’t done more is time issues at home in the evenings and at work during the day. Planning to do more now I’m on Furlough. Recommend these to everybody…very very helpful and will be of use to anyone.
Karen Gibbons
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