Blue Diamond – Empowering you to take control of work & life


Empowering you to take control

Has your career stalled? Have you lost your professional purpose?

Are you ready for more or for a complete change?

I help you regain focus and passion for your profession, or identify your next challenge based on your skills and motivations.

Coaching sessions can take place via phone, Zoom or Skype, as well as face-to-face.

How to work with me:

Coaching packages

Work with me for 90 days, 120 days or longer. Different packages to suit different needs.


Monthly sessions keep things moving in the right direction, with the right momentum

Ad Hoc

One-off Power Coaching Session, Motivational Maps or DISC profile debriefs.


Are you ready to move forward?

I can help you to rediscover passion in your work and enjoy life more, to identify your goals and the actions required for you to succeed.


Empowering professionals to take control of work and life!

Are you ready to make a change?

I can catalyse your journey by helping you: