Leaving it to chance is a huge risk

Imagine you’re on a river, in some kind of boat.

You choose what kind of boat you’re in. It may be a dinghy, a barge, a sailing boat, a speed boat – maybe even a canoe.

You’re traveling in the same direction as the river. At some future point, you anticipate reaching the sea.

The river represents your working life. The boat is your current work. The sea is your retirement.

Are you willing to risk leaving it to chance?

In some respects, you feel you could probably stay in your boat and just go with it. At some point, you’ll reach the sea and you can enjoy your well-earned retirement.

And for many (maybe your parents or grandparents), this is how life ultimately panned out.
– Maybe the river wasn’t always calm and easy

– Maybe the boat wasn’t always the most comfortable

– Maybe the sea wasn’t quite as lovely when they got there

But to a certain extent, they left this to chance.

Now, you’re the one in your boat. You could sit there too, leaving it to chance…but you also have options and choices.

Leaving it to chance

The river runs on

So, you’re in your boat, drifting down the river. Minding your own business.

Until now, you’ve been strangely oblivious to the river that you’re on. You’ve not taken much notice of the water itself or the surrounding scenery.

But today, for some reason, you pick up your head and look around you.

The water seems to be a bit murky, not exactly stagnant, but hardly enticing either.

You recall it hasn’t always been like this.

Previously it was clearer, faster flowing, and more exciting. At times, even exhilarating if your memory serves you well

But none of that today.

Maybe you’re not even on a river. Maybe the water is a canal or some other outflow.

This water is going nowhere fast and you can’t see what’s up ahead, no matter how you try.


But you don’t need to stay in your boat in the river. This is just where you are now, thinking that you’re safe and content.

But you know deep down you’re not happy here.

You could move your boat to the side and get out.

Hell, you could even jump in and swim if you wanted to.

You could almost certainly find another boat (or river) by your own means or with the help of a guide.

You’re currently leaving it to chance, but actually have many more options than you realize.


How is your boat working for you?

Your boat represents your current work.

Are you sitting comfortably? Maybe, maybe not. Take another look.

Many of us aren’t actually sitting comfortably…we’re not comfortable and we’re not enjoying the ride. On the other hand, some of us are a little too comfortable – beware of that too!

• Maybe you actively selected the boat in the first place.
• Maybe it looked great at the outset.
• Maybe it was oversold to you.
• Maybe it was just convenient at the time.
• Maybe it was the last one left.

Whatever the backstory about how you encountered your boat, you’re still in it now – and it’s no longer serving you well.

It’s no longer “fit for purpose”. And it’s probably unlikely to take you all the way through to your destination even if you wanted it to.

But you do have choices. Many more than you realize:
– You could swap it for a newer one
– You could opt for a different type of boat – may be a faster or slower one
– You could leap onto another one (even one going in a different direction)
– You can even jump out of your boat into the river and swim for a while

Don’t sit there (uncomfortably) in your boat…you’re leaving it to chance when you could be in the driving seat.


Where are you heading?

So, your boat is moving downstream along your river…

Your goal is to join the sea at some future point, the sea representing your retirement. As all rivers join the sea, don’t they?

Well, don’t they?

Yes & No!

Many rivers, of course, do become estuaries and ultimately merge with the sea.

But not all.

Some merge into other bigger rivers, taking on a whole new landscape and pace.

Some flow into lakes, ponds, canals, and other bodies of water. Some tranquil. Some productive. Some are downright stagnant.

And then there’s Luni, the mysterious Indian river than doesn’t meet any other river or sea.

Interpret these examples as you like…!

But, my point is the outcome isn’t always inevitable. We don’t all have the same destiny and we’re certainly not all on the same trajectory.

For some, the sea may be warm, calm, and peaceful. For others, it may be dark, sinister, and stormy.

We may not get to choose every single detail, but we certainly play a role in shaping our future.

Leaving it to chance and hoping for the best, is not the only option and probably not the best one for you. You can start planning your future today.


Imagine you’re on a river, in some kind of boat. You’re traveling downstream with the aim of meeting the sea.

The river represents your working life. The boat is your current work. The sea is your retirement.

You could simply stay in your boat, on the river, and just go with it. At some point, you’ll (hopefully) reach the sea and you can enjoy your well-earned retirement. But this would be leaving it to chance.

And life doesn’t always work out how we anticipate.

Come to think of it, your boat isn’t very comfortable at all. And who knows if it would even make it to the sea.

Do you want my advice?
– Don’t leave it to chance
– Don’t put up with something that’s not working
– We always have many more options than we think

Stop leaving it to chance. Get in touch for your free career discussion now, to discover some of your options. This discussion will be a chance for you to gain insight from our Work Coach, into the next steps of your career journey and progression as a professional.

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