Post-Lockdown Leadership

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Work Life Balance

Do you feel you have the right balance between work and life?

Leaders who can successfully guide their teams through the pandemic are also the ones best suited to lead beyond it

Around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to make changes in both our personal and professional lives at an unprecedented pace. Juggling work-from-home, family and self-care, home schooling and technology challenges has been the ultimate pressure test for businesses and individuals.

As we entered the eighth week of lockdowns across the globe, I started to wonder if classical leadership traits were the same ones that would help us navigate this crisis. After all, what got us here might not be what we need to thrive in the future.

What did business executives think the most important leadership attributes were for our current situation? What would the workplace of the future look like and how would we need to adapt to ensure we, as leaders, and our teams succeed?

I explored this topic with ten inspirational business leaders. It turns out that, regardless of the size of the organisation, the challenges encountered and ways to overcome them are universal.

What emerged from these interviews are the most important qualities leaders need to guide their teams and themselves successfully through a world that may never seem “normal” again; how our intertwined personal and professional environments will feel; and the behaviours critical to navigate and balance the two.