Career Compass

Helping you find your inner compass

Are you feeling lost or unsure where your career is taking you?

Do you want to be the one in the driving seat?

It’s not always easy to know where to start. 

Especially when you’re busy with your current responsibilities.

There are 2 ways to book your Career Compass session:

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The Career Compass is 2-hour session to help you to review where you are now and to identify the direction you want to be heading in. This incorporates one of my favourite tools – Motivational Maps

You will leave this session with a much clearer idea of the next steps to take in your career journey, as well as some actions to get you moving in the right direction.  

For even greater personal insight and professional impact, why not take up the Career Compass & Authentic You bundle

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Career Compass – £295

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Career Compass Testimonials

“I approached Melanie when I felt I had lost focus in my career and what I truly wanted. Melanie’s career coaching proved invaluable in helping me realign my professional goals. After just a short amount of time, the confusion I had been feeling and subsequent pressure I’d put on myself was lifted. Melanie is a deeply thorough and experienced coach, who not only brings an innovative approach to coaching, but also real-world experience of work, entrepreneurship and networking. I highly recommend Melanie and will definitely be working with her again in the future.”
“I’ve just completed my Career Compass session with Melanie and can wholeheartedly recommend it if you are at a crossroads, lack direction, feel unfulfilled or uninspired. I was curious whether Motivational Maps could offer insight into my career direction. As a tool it is simple to use and the results generated were amazingly accurate. But it was Melanie’s coaching which really brings the results to life. She took time to thoroughly explain what the results indicated, why these matter to me – drawing on examples from my life and career – and articulating a clear plan of action. Now I have clarity on my values, how I really want to work and the next steps to enable me to thrive.”
“I’ve recently had a “career compass” session with Melanie as I’d been made redundant and wanted some support in what to do next. Her sessions were hugely helpful in making me think hard about my motivations and I’ve found it brilliant talking to someone independent who can help me think differently. I’ve also just completed one of her workshops on imposter syndrome which was excellent, making me realise that it’s very common, with some excellent techniques keep things at bay – thank you so much!!”