Boost Your Confidence Workshop

Is your lack of confidence holding you back?

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Why do so many of us lack confidence in ourselves?

Research shows that while women have as much talent and ability as men, we all-too-often lack confidence when it comes to our work, and other parts of our lives.

The aim of the Boost Your Confidence workshop is for you to learn what is impacting your own confidence and how to manage your confidence levels to best effect going forward.

After the Boost Your Confidence workshop, you will:
  • Understand what confidence is and how you recognise it
  • Learn how increased confidence could benefit you
  • Recognise what a confident version of you looks and feels like
  • Understand triggers that impact your confidence levels and how you could use these to your advantage
  • Explore options to help you to build and top up your confidence levels
  • Take away some practical actions to help you going forward