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Do Something Different

Empowering & enabling you to change career 

Do Something Different
Want to do something different? Not sure what or even how to get started?

Realistically, most of us will be working until our mid to late sixties, or even later

Many of us dream of Doing Something Different, but few actually take steps to do this

It’s often hard to know where or how to even begin

In this 7-step programme, I share a range of useful tools and techniques that could help you get started in your quest to Do Something Different

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8-week group programme to help you to identify your new direction and plan your next chapter


After Do Something Different, you will have:

Rather work 1:1 with me on this?

Prefer to work this through on your own?

“Working with Melanie on ‘Do Something Different’ has been just the motivation I needed to kick-start the next phase of my career. 

She’s organised, attentive, imaginative and focused – you can see why she’s been so successful at doing something different – and she’s given me just the guidance I need to embark on my next steps. 

If you’re stuck in a dead-end job; if you’ve got unfulfilled career aspirations or simply need to do something different when you hit the mid-point of your career then I would wholeheartedly recommend the ‘Do Something Different’ one-to-one course that Melanie offers through Blue Diamond. You will not regret it! I certainly haven’t.” – Chris W – Career Changer