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Dealing With Overwhelm Workshop

Do you sometimes feel that everything gets on top of you?

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With the amount of information overload, high expectations from ourselves and others, and often being ‘on’ 24/7, is it really any wonder we can sometimes feel overwhelmed?

It’s important to not ignore signs of overwhelm. At a minimum, overwhelm can bog us down and prevent us from working optimally. More seriously, we put ourselves at risk of burnout or other stress-related illnesses.

The good news is that overwhelm can be mitigated. 

The first step is being able to identify the signs within yourself (and maybe in others too). There are various tools and techniques that can help to address overwhelm in different ways.

After the Overwhelm workshop, you will
I attended one of Melanie's workshops for the first time in April - I found it so helpful and took away plenty of valuable tips. I enjoyed the interactive format of the zoom session and the subject matter of 'overwhelm' was particularly pertinent to the many business owners present as we are all adjusting to the new reality of lock down and the challenges this poses for our home life and businesses. I went on to attend the majority of Melanie's other workshops during lockdown and would highly recommend them to other professionals looking to step up.
Michelle B.
Google Review
I have just attended Melanie’s Overwhelm workshop, after attending several of her other mastermind workshops. Melanie is very knowledge on her subject and is great at opening the conversation, so that participants share their experiences. One thing I find extremely useful is to always come away with tips and techniques that I can implement.
Gill P.
LinkedIn Review
I attended a brilliant, positive Overwhelm Workshop facilitated by Melanie Coeshott where she created the space for a small group of women to share our experiences and discuss practical solutions to help manage our feelings of overwhelm. It was both insightful and enjoyable and left me feeling inspired, hopeful and empowered. I would thoroughly recommend Melanie as a coach and workshop facilitator.
Sam F.
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