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Bringing balance and harmony to work and life

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Work Life Balance describes the ideal of splitting one’s time and energy between work and other important aspects of life, such as family or personal interests.

Achieving the ideal WorkLife Balance for you is key in enabling you to achieve your goals, while not impacting on your health and relationships with those around you.

Sounds obvious, right?

Maybe. Yet finding the balance is not always easy to achieve or regulate.

Only 1/3 of UK workers are happy with their Work Life Balance. That leaves a lot of people with some improvements to make….

Luckily, the Work Life Balance workshop aims to assist you with this, to help you to feel more in balance and in control!

After the Harness Your WorkLife Balance workshop, you will:
I would love to recommend Melanie's Work Life Balance workshop I have attended myself in July this year, to anyone who feels they are out of balance or even if they don't think so... Because the reality can be different as nowadays not everyone can see things outside their own little boxes and lots of insides and valuable realisations can come up on the surface during this workshop session. You will get brilliant tips and ideas and get involved into different activities and communication with other participants which will make you feel being heared and understood. You will realise that other people are experiencing very similar problems in their day to day lives and that you are not alone and there is always Help available for you. Best way to get this help is to find time, get the knowledge and put them into practice. I also found very helpful and inspiring to attend a one-to-one coaching session with Melanie. I have received detailed analysis of my areas of fulfilment, improvement and further focus with practical advice.
Maria S.
LinkedIn Review
Melanie hosted a work life balance session with us at the ICAEW, our members were delighted with the session as this is such a hot topic especially at this time. The session was engaging, interactive and extremely thought provoking for all the attendees. I would most definitely use Melanie again for a work life balance event, this was exactly what we were looking for! Thank you Melanie
Emily R.
LinkedIn Review
I have known Melanie Coeshott via Linkedln Master Class, Career Discussion and some workshops online such as Build your Resilience, Positivity for Success and Work Life Balance. It is always my pleasure to join her classes online. There is always something new for you to learn and take away after each session. Melanie is a good coach with a dedicated, friendly and motivated attitude. I recently joined the assessment of Motivational Mapping which is a very powerful tool to know your personality and strengths for further personal career development. I was surprised with the result of the motivational maps which accurately indicated how I am. I would like to recommend for anyone who has an interest or desire to develop their personal skills to take this motivational maps assessment and contact Melanie Coeshott for further career discussion.
Haoi H.F.
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