Taking time to pause and reflect

How often do you take the time to pause and reflect?

To see how far you’ve come as a team, to recognise what everyone’s been through and to congratulate team members on how well they’ve dealt with it?

The answer is possibly not often enough.

The great news it, that you could take action to remediate this.

This was the theme of a workshop I delivered recently for one of my corporate clients.

Recognising what staff have had to deal with (at work as well as in the word more generally) and congratulating them on this, could make a huge difference to how they are feeling.

None of us knows what changes and challenges may be further along the road, but empowering and enabling staff to be in the best possible place to be able to deal with this, could well be invaluable.

Take the time today to pause and reflect, to acknowledge and recognise your staff for what they’ve been through.

If you’d like to know more about workshops for your own organisation, how you could recognise, engage and support your own staff – check out the options here.