Why you lack motivation in your career

Just like in every other aspect of life, there are dips and rises in the level of motivation in everyone’s career life. With the everyday challenges of life, staying 100% motivated seems like a struggle, but I can assure you that you need not panic as there are some solutions to feeling less motivated in your career.

I’ve put together this guide to help you understand the reasons why you might feel less motivated and what you can do to salvage the situation.

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 5 Reasons and solutions for lacking motivation in your career

Major reasons you lack motivation in your career and quick tips to help you fix them.

You Desire a Change in Career

Every day you get to work, and you’re left with the same boring tasks. Despite how hard you try to spice up your work activities, you always seem to be hitting a dead end. There also seems to be no personal or professional growth in your career. 

To fix this challenge, you need to professionally analyse your career and check if you’re at the point you wish to be. Then,  you can either transition to a new career, find a reason to live outside your job, or you can speak to your boss and ask for a new task in your workplace, which will help foster motivation.

Feeling Undervalued

You carry out your tasks religiously, always going above and beyond to ensure you make the best out of each moment, yet your manager tends to give you little or no recognition. Most times, this goes beyond just your salary; feeling undervalued contributes to a lack of motivation in your career. 

To tackle this, find out ways to celebrate your milestones personally or with your coworkers, document your progress, and, in a factual way, support a request for a promotion or raise.

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You Are Emotionally Exhausted

Your social life is a factor that also plays a role in your career life. Emotional detachment can be a result of burnout from work stress, mental and physical frustration, and personal problems in life. All these put together can immensely reduce career motivation.

  • Learn how to manage your energy in your career
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Learn to get enough sleep.
  • Don’t always work intensively.
  • Take short breaks and time off work to regenerate your mind and body. 
  • Reports indicate that professionals with sound emotions tend to perform better at work.

You Lack Job Security

The term “job for life” is history. Roles become uncertain with each passing day, especially with advancements in technology and robots taking up human roles. Companies are often hard on investing in their employees, and such uncertainties trigger the “what’s the point anyway?” question amongst professionals, and with this, it is normal to feel emotional detachment from your career.

No one cares about your career as much as you do. Ensure your CV is always up-to-date and build awareness of the internal and external landscape and opportunities.

You Have Lost Your Career Willpower

We all step into our respective careers with that one superficial feeling that serves as a push and helps us accomplish our tasks rapidly while enjoying our jobs. Yet this same energy can diminish and even wear out, and there isn’t always enough when things take a U-turn professionally; hence, it is not advisable to rely on it solely. 

Rather, seek deeper meanings to kickstart and sustain your career, have a daily routine to help you get your mind ready for the task ahead, and have a schedule handwritten or electronically. Take time to track the milestones you have achieved, no matter how small they might be. Small wins pave the way for bigger wins, and celebrating such wins helps re-ignite the energy and lost motivation.

Staying 100% motivated in your career life is not always possible; however, if you are feeling deterred and your lack of motivation increases each passing day regardless of how much inspirational material you consume, here is some professional advice from me: book a Career Discussion with me today. As an individual, you can also gain essential skills as a professional by taking any of our online courses. You can access these courses by clicking here.

I can help you explore your options and the right way forward.

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