Career Coaching: Sure way to a Flourishing Career

Accountants and finance professionals – how’s work working out for you?


Has your career stalled? Have you lost confidence or a sense of purpose and engagement in your job? Or are you looking to do more in your career: ready for a new challenge, more responsibility, or even something completely different?

Great news – you are in the right place! But before we set out for this discussion, we would love to describe what the term “career coaching” is because many people still wonder if it is actually a thing.


Career coaching encompasses any career or work-related support. This can include things like career management, career development, or even career change. It could help you get some clarity around what you’re looking to do next, get promoted, or land “that job.”


But it’s not just about career transitions. Career coaching can also be helpful when you’re already in a role. It could support you to hit the ground running in a new role, to expand and grow into an enlarged role, or simply to perform at your best.

Coaching can help you rise to your potential: 

  • this sometimes requires eliminating obstacles and interference such as self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours
  • it can also help to build your self-awareness and gain invaluable insights and perspectives


If you’re interested in learning how career coaching can help you to become even better, then get in touch for your complimentary career discussion.

If you are an employer, is it challenging to attract and retain quality staff in this fast-changing environment? Do you dream of developing a high-performing team to deliver quality and value?


Are your team members working optimally? Or could they be feeling tired, overwhelmed, or even disengaged?


If you, as an individual, or your team falls into any of the categories listed above, don’t worry, that’s exactly why I’m here and have created the content here for you. 


I help accountants and finance professionals take back control of their careers, you can learn more about this here.

I also help accounting firms and finance teams attract, develop, and retain great people who provide quality services to their clients and other stakeholders. You can also learn more, here

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