Should You Consider a Career Change?

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In today’s world, working until your late 60s is becoming common practice. Does that fill you with dread? Could you really stick it out at your current career for that long? Those are great questions. Here’s one more. Should you consider a career change? So, you are faced with working much longer than you had […]

Successfully Working until Your Late 60s

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Successfully working until your late 60s, is it possible? Does the prospect of having to work until your late 60s fill you with fear and dread? The current UK pensionable age increased to 66 for men and women from October 2020. This is set to increase further over the next decade, resulting in many people having […]

How to excel at networking

Selfie of Melanie at a networking event

I reckon I probably do a lot more than many when it comes to networking. When I mention my networking quests to friends and peers, I’m sometimes met with either a look of awe or distaste. It appears that networking is not widely popular – even for those that I think would be great at […]