Strategies for Collaboration in Accountancy Firms


Today’s accountancy firms boast many talented professionals who work collaboratively within teams or across teams to achieve their organisations’ business goals.   Even with the increased opportunity to work remotely post-COVID, organisations have continued to encourage employees to maintain collaboration and teamwork using various digital tools. Yet many accountancy and finance firms still struggle to […]

Client Satisfaction: How Empathy Helps


The services we offer to our clients are important. Of course, they create revenue for us, and we can pay our bills, but this isn’t the full story. We are also interested in ensuring our clients’ satisfaction and happiness, which can translate to loyalty, a feeling that can prompt our clients to refer us to […]

Talent Retention In Accountancy Firms

Nurturing talents in accounting firms.

Innovative technology is increasingly changing and challenging conventional working practises, and accounting functions are not spared from this. Furthermore, fewer people appear to be attracted to a career in accountancy right now. The result is that talented people are becoming harder to come by, and accountancy firms are forced to compete for scarce resources at […]

Managing a remote workforce

Melanie Coeshott - Rob da Costa

Managing a remote workforce Has Covid forced your team to work from home? Are you managing a remote workforce? Many of us have significantly changed the way we work over the last year. In fact, few of us have had little choice in the matter. Working from home – a ‘privilege’ previously reserved for certain […]

How plants help us understand what’s not working at work

How plants help us see what's not working at work

What have plants got to do with anything? I have a lot of discussions with people about their work: they often come to me when things aren’t working for them. When you’re in that situation – as you may well be now – it’s not always easy to see the wood from the trees. I’ve […]

Most important professional skills

Most important skills

What are the most important skills to help us through this period? As time goes by, it’s clear that none of us really understand how things are going to play out – not really – whether we’re considering the long-term or even the short-term. With this in mind, I wanted to know what skills our inspiring […]

Managing yourself and others.

How will you manage yourself and others through further change

How will you manage yourself and others through further change? Change is one of the only constants in modern life, yet we’ve seen far more than any of us could have expected in such a short period of time. While there have been some real disruptions and innovations, in other areas, there has been much […]

Anticipated changes in work practice

Working practices

What changes in working practices do you anticipate in the next 12 months & beyond? We’ve all experienced unprecedented changes since March 2020, but there’s probably more to come in terms of our working practices. None of us have a crystal ball, but many of us have insights and ideas. I wanted to pick the […]

What signs of leadership do you look for from staff?

signs of leadership

What signs of leadership do you look for from staff? I was interested in what signs of leadership they look for in their staff – whether at the recruitment stage or when considering people for promotion. The answers are interesting. They include some of the traditional things we might expect, but also much more rounded […]

What does great leadership mean to you?

Great leadership

Having heard what each leader had to say, we now look at each of the questions in turn. What does great leadership mean to you? Having inspired me along my journey, I couldn’t help but ask what great leadership means to them. Adam Mussert – in reflection on this, I’ve thought a lot about the […]