Thrive in your current line of work

Working through your late 60s is becoming more common. Most people cannot afford to retire earlier. In addition, with people living longer, many want to work longer to stay active. However, how can you work for that many year successfully and without dread? You have three options:

  • firstly, change nothing and carry on your current path,
  • – secondly, choose to thrive in your current line of work, or
  • – thirdly to do something different.

Working into Your Late 60s

You realize that you’re probably going to have to work until your late 60s. And you’ve decided for now to stay in your current line of work, but to make it work the best for you.

We’re assuming that you’ve been doing what you do for a while, maybe even all of your working life.  But perhaps you’re not as passionate as you once were, nor as fulfilled as you’d like to be. Furthermore, you may not be as successful as you know you could be. Is it still possible to thrive in your career?

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Reasons to Keep Your Career

Now, you’ve decided to remain in your current line of work, and this could be for a number of different reasons, including:

  • You generally like (or at least tolerate) what you do
  • You’ve worked hard to get here over time, through study or effort invested until now
  • You feel you’ve got yet more to give and have not yet reached your potential
  • You consider it to be easier to continue on your current path over pursuing an alternative
  • You believe that it would be too challenging to start on another path at this point
  • Maybe you feel there’s just no option financially to do anything else, you’re locked into this path

These are all valid reasons to continue in your current line of work, and you probably also have other reasons that I’ve not mentioned above.

Benefits of Not Changing Careers

I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”? With this in mind, maybe it’s time to make a few tweaks or adjustments to what you do, to get something different out? Imagine what benefits could be just around the corner, if you did! Here are some reason why keeping your current position, could help you thrive in your career:

  • You could enjoy work Maybe part of this solution would be to do more of the kind of work that you love, bringing a better balance back into your current role / job.
  • You could feel more fulfilled. Maybe the content of your work, just isn’t flicking your switch right now.
  • You may want to accelerate and progress. Perhaps you’ve reached a temporary ceiling and want help in moving forward. This could include getting more noticed, being more influential or working smarter.
  • Maybe work is taking up too much time or headspace and you’d like to scale it back to be able to enjoy the ride and make it more sustainable for the long run. Life is a marathon, not a sprint after all. Is it really worth racing through life, not to be able to enjoy it along the way, nor your retirement at the end?
  • Perhaps you want to give something back? This could be acting in the capacity of a mentor, a coach, or volunteer, or, by providing services or education and training. Helping others can be a great way to increase fulfilment in your work & life.

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How to Thrive in Your Career

What if you could achieve some or all of the above? What if you could truly thrive in your career?

Each of these options is absolutely within your power and capability to achieve. But that’s not to say that they’re all easy. And even though they’re in your power, for some reason or another, you haven’t taken the plunge ….yet.

It can often be hard to know exactly where we are heading. Sometimes we hardly dare or take the time to consider our destination, let alone discuss it with others, even with our loved ones.

Even if we do know where we want to go, it can sometimes be hard getting started. And even when we start, keeping up progress can be hard when life and other obstacles crop up along the way.

Thrive in Your Career, Today!

This is where coaching could really assist you, giving you much better odds of success, compared to working it through all by yourself:

  • Coaching can help you to clarify your direction
  • A coach can empower and enable you to build momentum
  • Coaching can provide motivation to keep you going, even at the toughest points
  • And, coaching can keep you accountable throughout your journey

Blue Diamond Coaching can empower you to take control of your work life. Our Career Compass and Motivational Map can help give you a sense of direction or insight into what you need.

Why remain stuck on your current path of fear and dread for the next 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? Make a choice and take the opportunity to thrive in your current line of work, in the way that works best for you. Click here to get in touch today and not waste another moment.

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