Career Coaching: Sure way to a Flourishing Career

Accountants and finance professionals, how’s work working out for you? Has your career stalled? Have you lost confidence or a sense of purpose and engagement in your job? Or are you looking to do more in your career—ready for a new challenge, more responsibility, or even something completely different? If you are contemplating any of […]

Job Insecurity: 5 Ways to Deal With It


At some point or other, we’ve probably all bought into the long-held belief that having an employed role is one of the safest things in life. We’ve probably also had even more faith in our job security when the organisation is big. Yet these beliefs have been shattered on various occasions, from organisational restructures to […]

Why you lack motivation in your career

man standing on rock in front of a river and mountains

Just like in every other aspect of life, there are dips and rises in the level of motivation in everyone’s career life. With the everyday challenges of life, staying 100% motivated seems like a struggle, but I can assure you that you need not panic as there are some solutions to feeling less motivated in your […]

Do you have the right influence?

man with speaker phone

Do you have the right influence? Are you being listened to? Or are you waiting to be heard? Thinking that your time will come or that you will speak up next time? Throughout my professional and personal life, there have been times when I thought (usually hours after a situation and with the added benefit of […]

Making the right career moves

white and red lights on the road

If you know anything about me by now, you’ll probably know I love using metaphors. Here’s one about making the right career moves, or maybe the wrong ones. Making the right career moves You’re driving along the motorway, following your GPS. It’s so much easier for navigation, that you’ve become accustomed to using it these […]

Do you need to give yourself permission?

'yes' written in sand

Are you waiting for permission? Permission is a fascinating topic…and it’s one that keeps cropping up in discussions lately. Often, we feel like we cannot move forward with something because we’re waiting for permission from someone or something. I’m calling it permission, but you might resonate more with terms such as validation or approval. This […]

Need help navigating your next move?

white and red lights on the road

You’re driving along the motorway. Following your GPS. It’s so much easier navigating your way when you’re travelling. Especially when you’re on your own. It’s one less thing to have to think about. It can allow you to relax a little, turn up the music and enjoy the ride. Navigating change You find yourself approaching […]

Ever feel like an imposter? 

two figures holding up masks while greeting

If you find yourself doubting your accomplishments or experiencing a fear of being exposed as a fraud, you may be experiencing a case of “imposter syndrome”. Whether you’re familiar with the term imposter syndrome or not, the symptoms are surprisingly common.  Leaving imposter syndrome unchecked, however, could be holding you back in different areas of your […]

Finding More in Life

Man in despair with head in hands questioning whether this is really it

Is this really it? Do you find yourself asking that question? Finding more in life is a common desire for business and career professionals. Often the hard work doesn’t seem to equate to happiness and fulfilment in life. So what can you do? Fulfilling Career Options I’m surprised, saddened and excited by some of the […]

Take advantage of the break to consider what you really want

A proper break at last! If you’re anything like me, it can be hard to step off the hamster wheel and take a break when you’re in the thick of the day to day. Or even to imagine that it might be possible. Christmas seems to be one of the only times where many of […]